Our Products

Explore Our Diverse Products Line at Dar Al Maimoon Trading L.L.C"

Hand Tools

From robust hammers to versatile pliers and precision screwdrivers, our collection is crafted to meet the highest standards of quality and durability.

Power Tools

From robust drills and advanced saws to cutting-edge sanders and grinders, our selection is curated for professionals and DIY enthusiasts alike.

Hardware Tools

From versatile hand tools like hammers and pliers to specialized workshop equipment, our collection is designed to meet the demands of every trade.

Garage Tools

Elevate your garage experience with tools that prioritize durability, performance, and precision, ensuring you have the right equipment for every automotive task.

Safety Tools

From protective gear such as gloves, helmets, and eyewear to essential safety equipment like fire extinguishers and first aid kits, our collection ensures a secure work environment.

Welding Materials

Explore our welding materials, featuring top-quality electrodes, welding rods, and protective gear. Our comprehensive selection ensures precision and safety for welding professionals and enthusiasts, providing reliable solutions for diverse welding applications.

Building Materials

Elevate your construction projects with our premium building materials. From durable cement and concrete to high-quality lumber and roofing materials, our comprehensive selection ensures the foundation for success in every build. 


For large-scale machinery needs, especially in construction or manufacturing, you might want to explore specialized suppliers or manufacturers that focus specifically on heavy machinery.


Experience strong bonds and reliable adhesion with our selection of high-quality adhesives. From versatile glues to specialized bonding solutions, our adhesives cater to a wide range of applications, ensuring durable and secure connections for your projects. 


Optimize machinery performance with our premium lubricants. Our range includes high-quality oils and greases designed to enhance equipment efficiency, reduce friction, and extend the lifespan of moving parts.

Packaging Materials

Explore our diverse range of packaging materials, offering solutions for secure and efficient packaging needs. From sturdy boxes and bubble wrap to tapes and cushioning materials, our packaging supplies ensure the safe transport and storage of goods.


Discover a wide range of fasteners , including screws, bolts, nuts, and anchors. Our high-quality fasteners are engineered for durability, precision, and reliability, ensuring secure and efficient connections for various construction and assembly projects.