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Who we are
We are Importers & dealers in garage tools, power tools, hardware and other tools.

Dar Al Maimoon Trading L.L.C was established in the year 2019 to trade & supply hardware & garage tools. DAM has diversified into importing its products namely gypsum wall plug (butterfly plug), Tile spacer which has attracted a good amount of sales apart from the other products that it procures & sells from the local market to the local traders at competitive prices. DAM also has an official dealership of SATA brand which deals in hand tools and workshop tools. The company has also been able to secure sales in foreign markets such as Nairobi (Kenya) and Oman. Upon its inception & commencement of business, Dar Al Maimoon Trading L.L.C has seen promising growth even through the downturn & slowdown of the economy due to the Novel Coronavirus in the year 2020.

Years of Experience
Our Mission

Our mission is to provide a high-quality hardware and tools, meeting the diverse needs of our customers.

Our Vision

Our vision is to recognized for our commitment to delivering exceptional quality, and value to our customers.

Our Values

Our values center on integrity, innovation, and customer satisfaction.

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Browse through our diverse selection of tools, including hand tools, power tools, garage tools, and safety equipment, designed to meet the needs of professionals and DIY enthusiasts.

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Ensure a successful project partnership with our comprehensive contract. Our customizable templates prioritize clarity on deliverables, timelines, and terms, streamlining the process to safeguard your interests and foster a transparent understanding among all parties involved.

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We ensure that our tools meet the highest standards, providing you with reliable and durable solutions for your projects.